I believe that the body has a natural wisdom and the ability to heal itself in many cases. This is especially true when it comes to women’s health and fertility. There are so many external things that can affect us, from stress to environment to the food we eat. When our bodies are out of step with nature, true health is out of reach.

My goal as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Fertility Coach is to help women and men to discover how to promote natural healing in their bodies; leading to better health, a higher chance of natural conception, safer pregnancies, and relief from many ailments that occur when the body’s natural balance is disrupted.

Let’s get started!

Natural Fertility Treatment & Services London



Natural Fertility methods can help you identify and overcome barriers to fertility, improve chances of a natural conception and boost IVF success.
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Preconception care gives your child-to-be the best chance at health! The Foresight method readies both partners for conception and a healthy baby.
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Good pregnancy care involves proper nutrition and preparation for childbirth. A fit and healthy expectant mum increases the chances of a healthy baby!
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Natural family planning (NFP) is invaluable to couples trying for a baby. For contraception, it’s reliable and free from chemicals and side effects!
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A woman’s body is complex, and capable of healing itself if allowed! Our women’s health programme takes a natural approach that puts you in control.
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After your baby is born, our job isn’t over! We provide post-natal care, including breastfeeding guidance and a nutrition plan to support new mums.
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Weight Loss


Tired of diets and feeling exhausted? Our healthy, guided, 30 day weight loss programme boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight naturally.
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The days of hitting the snooze button are over! We find the root cause for your lack of energy, and help you get safely back to bouncing out of bed.
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Ready for a detox, but worried about it taking a toll on your body? Our natural two-week cleanse is safe, gentle, and leaves you feeling fantastic.
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  • Stress: It’s harming your health and fertility

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  • Is PMS Taking Over Your Life?

    Hundreds of thousands of women struggle with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) every month! PMS can make attending school, going to work, caring for family and self and many more everyday activities difficult. Many doctors will simply shrug and tell their female patients that this is “all part of being a woman”. That’s just not true! Women Read More
  • Are You Prepared for Winter?

    If winter to you means an endless round of colds and bouts of flu complete with runny noses, coughs, sore throats, headaches, fevers and fatigue, you may not look forward to the holidays at all. When you miss time form work, school and family, it can be disheartening! Sometimes a boost to your immune system Read More

Zoe & Mike

“After five years struggling to conceive, we are now the proud, happy parents of our son, Jack. We are forever grateful.”
Zoe & Mike, Fertility Client

“I was completely shocked and in disbelief when I found out I was pregnant. I don’t think I’d be where I am now without Kathleen’s support, advice and motivation.”
Michelle, Fertility Client

“I finally feel back in control of my body – no longer a slave to sugar cravings. I now believe I can keep going and get back to the real me: slim, fit and healthy. Mentally, I feel so much more positive. Best money I ever spent!”
Jan, Bounce-out-of-Bed Client

“In total, I lost 4 kg! The best thing is 5cm from my waist. My hubby lost 17 pounds, and we are going to continue on the plan. We both feel great!”
Irene, 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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I invite you to join me on the journey to health and/or Parenthood. If you would like to enquire about an appointment, please use the form below.